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If asking personal dtls is in your terms and condition then world remit need to revise their terms and condition and if it’s a requirement from government then why no other service provider asking personal dtls while phone them ???I was using sendwise for so many years till they stopped their services and i never had this problem, i used some other services and never had any problem, I am waiting for your reply and if i do not get any satisfactory reply i will contact ombudsman about worldremit way of work, i also planning to use facebook and tweeter to start campaign against worldremit policy or terms and condition to make some customer friendly changes, i am sure there are so many customers have faced the same situation what i have faced, but they switched to some other service providers or just waiting for changes.They sent a text message to the recipient that the funds were available for pick up.

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I should have seen all these comments before I made a transaction with World Remit, it's been almost 2 months since I send money to my mother in the Philippines.

I received a couple of text and email messages that transaction been complete.

I have several friends and a relationship with a lady in the Philippines who i hope to marry in time.

I have sent money to her on occasions and due to various situations I have sent that money to her Aunt and Cousin as well because my girlfriend was unable to receive the funds herself.

having just purchased some flowers for Valentines day and paid for them using World Remit, to avoid the exorbitant agency fees for florists in the Philippines I was contacted by a very arrogant and aggressive man from World remit who proceeded to ask me all sorts of questions about my transactions with them going back literally years. This man then accuses me of using the service to pay for "Adult services" (prostitution porn etc.) a totally false accusation, and then goes on to tell me I am a fool and I am being scammed and ripped off because I have had too many recipients.