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She enjoys looking at herself in the mirror and eating her chow biscuits.“Supermom” Kuchi is the only gorilla in North America ever to successfully raise twins.Kekla, whose name means “dawn” in Bawanese, was the first gorilla born at Zoo Atlanta.

Jasiri was rejected by his birth mother when he was an infant, so he was raised by a surrogate mother. Andi is Lulu’s first surviving offspring and the seventh for 23-year-old family leader Taz. Mbeli is the youngest of the many offspring of silverback Ozzie.

He’s known for being easily distracted, but he finds time to play with his buddy Willie B., Jr. Lulu, whose name means “pearl” in Swahili, is the fifth and last offspring of the late Willie B. He shares a young bachelor group with Kali and Gunther.

She can be recognized by her dark hair and boxy body shape.

She is very intelligent and has created her own vocalization to get the keepers’ attention.

Henry was named for Henry Ford, founder of Ford Motor Company, in celebration of the 25th year of partnership between Zoo Atlanta and Ford Motor Company.