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The jobs they hold are usually in the areas of healthcare and education.Demanding as those jobs may be, the Polish women are expected to give the 100% of their efforts to caring for their husband and the household.The story of Plentyof loosely reminded me of the way that Craig Newmark and Craigslist rose to prominence - organically and with limited resources.

This difference is associated with Poland being a traditionally Catholic country, where over 90% are Catholic. Even if they do divorce, Polish females are unwilling to remarry.

Typically, in a divorce women receive custody of the children.

Right after they come back home from work they begin their homely duties such as cleaning, cooking, washing dishes and doing laundry.

The women work hard so that when their husbands come home they can enjoy the atmosphere of a clean home.

leaking faucets, but they do appreciate if a man can do it for them.